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If you experience early signs of neuropathy including numbness or tingling in your hands or feet, you should make an appointment with the neurologists at Brain & Spine Specialists in Panama City, Florida. The team provides expert diagnoses and treatments to help you manage your symptoms and reduce your risk of further nerve damage. Call the Panama City location of Brain & Spine Specialists that’s most convenient for you or make an appointment online today.

Neuropathy Q&A

What is neuropathy?

Neuropathy develops when your nerves are damaged. It most commonly affects the peripheral nerves in your feet, hands, legs, and arms, but can affect any nerve in your body.

You may have damage on just one nerve — mononeuropathy — or multiple nerves — polyneuropathy. It’s also possible to have nerve damage at different locations throughout your body in a condition known as multiple mononeuropathy.

What are the symptoms of neuropathy?

The earliest and most common symptoms of neuropathy are tingling sensations or numbness in your hands or feet. However, neuropathy symptoms depend on where the nerve damage is located in your body and what type of nerve is affected. You have three types of nerves: Sensory, motor, and autonomic.

For example, if you have nerve damage on your sensory or motor nerves, you may have symptoms including:

  • A numbness that gradually spreads from your feet or hands through your legs or arms
  • Stabbing or burning pain sensations
  • Sensitivity to touch or temperature
  • Loss of coordination or strength — for example, you might not be able to grasp a pen or cup
  • Muscle weakness or paralysis

If neuropathy affects your autonomic nerves, your symptoms may include:

  • Abnormal sweating
  • Loss of bowel or bladder control
  • Digestive problems
  • Changes in blood pressure

Schedule an appointment at Brain & Spine Specialists if you notice any signs of numbness or tingling in your hands and feet. You can control your symptoms and reduce your risk of increased nerve damage and other symptoms with early medical treatment.

How is neuropathy diagnosed?

The neurologists at Brain & Spine Specialists, the only certified neurodiagnostic center in the Panama City area, diagnose neuropathy with a physical exam, blood tests, and other diagnostic studies including electromyography nerve function tests. During your exam, your doctor may test your nerves and reflexes as well as your muscle strength and tone. Blood tests reveal vitamin deficiencies and other conditions that contribute to neuropathy such as diabetes.

How is neuropathy treated?

Unfortunately, there’s no method to repair your nerves, but with customized medical care and management, you can control your symptoms and reduce the risk of your neuropathy worsening.

Your doctor may prescribe medication to relieve your pain. They may also suggest physical therapy or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) to relieve pain and keep your muscles and soft tissues strong and flexible.

If your neuropathy symptoms are due to a tumor or another growth compressing a nerve, your neurologist may recommend surgery to remove the growth.

Call Brain & Spine Specialists or make an appointment online today for expert diagnosis and treatment for neuropathy.